"Where ideas are crafted from metal"

We offer welding services for both aluminum and stainless steel. Production welding, repairs and fabrication. Our welding shop can handle parts and welding repairs made from various metal grades. While our primary focus is on aluminum and stainless steel, we are able to handle other materials.

Aluminum Welding

Our aluminum welding services use TIG (GTAW), Pulsed TIG, and Push/pull MIG (GMAW) processes for fabrication, repairs and production runs.

Aluminum end caps welded onto machined fittings.
Aluminum mould repair by welding the damaged areas.
Aluminum prototype panel covers used to create casting moulds.
Cast aluminum combustion chamber build up before machining.
Cast aluminum head rocker arm stud area build up.
Aluminum round handles welded onto CNC machined plates.
Aluminum fitting with a welded coupling plate.
Aluminum marine control cabinet. Formed and welded.
Aluminum frame set up on the fixture table ready for welding.
Aluminum threaded bungs welded onto couplers.

Stainless Steel Welding

Our shop is set up to handle stainless steel fabrication. We offer services for custom projects, prototype and production runs.
We manufacturer our own stainless steel products for the food industry and for fire protection.

TIG (GTAW) welded stainless steel Firehose Washers.
TIG (GTAW) welding to attach the rack supports on the inside walls.
Custom welded Stainless Steel Belt Cover for food equipment.
Food grade stainless steel Cookie Cutters with welded and finished edges.
TIG (GTAW) welded 304 grade stainless steel Floor Grate Frames.