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Welding and Fabrication Links

The Canadian Welding Bureau provides welding certification programs.
Down to earth information, welding tips and tricks for welders.
Free Welding information with many pictures and articles also like an e book.
Offer excellent programs for welder training located in Burnaby, B.C.
Offer excellent programs for welder training located in Cloverdale, B.C.
Home of the Fabricator, Stamping Journal, Practical Welding Today.
Manufacturer of welding equipment.
Manufacturer of welding equipment.
Local Welding Supplier in Surrey, B.C..
Manufacturer Fire Hose Cleaners for Fire Halls located in Surrey, B.C..

Machining Links

Excellent monthly magazine for machinist.
Online Machining magazine.
Offer an excellent two year diploma program for CNC machining.
Excellent online CNC training program from Titan's talented team.
Web site for the Hobby CNC User.
Web site for the hobbyist and people new to CNC machines.
The largest machinist community on the net.
Offers an extensive volume of Youtube videos for learning CNC machining.

Design, CAD, CAM Links

Online Magazine covering Technology for Design Engineering.
Popular 3D modeling software for designing just about anything.
Popular low cost 2D and 3D modeling software.
3D design software that is growing in popularity.
Premier CAM software for creating CNC tool paths.
Another premier CAM software for creating CNC tool paths.
Cost effective popular CAM software for CNC tool paths.
Low cost 2.5D CAM program popular with the Hobby groups.
A powerful and affordable CAD/CAM software for shops of all sizes.
Visual mill CAM that is integrated within SolidWorks.
HSM Works is fully integrated within SolidWorks.
A premier CAD CAM software for CNC tool paths.
A powerful popular cloud based CAD/CAM software.

Manufacturing Links

Keep up to date in the Canadian Manufacturing scene.
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Find out how it is made.