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Fire Hose Washer Front View

The front view of the Fire Hose Washer with the outside door in the open position.

Fire Hose Washer is designed to be mounted into the hose tower wall to allow for continuous feeding of the fire hoses from outside, through the fire hose washer and then hoisted up to be hung for drying in the tower. The entrance roller guides and centers the hose in the cleaning section. The exit roller (not visible in the picture) guides the hose out and away from the inside wall.
The washer section has an eight (8) inch opening that is large enough to accommodate standard hose sizes. There are two CNC machined rows of jets that are offset and angled at 65 degrees to cause the water to flow to the inside.
The Fire Hose Washer is manufactured from 304 and 316 grade stainless steel with TIG (GTAW) welded joints for extra strength. The stainless steel allows easy maintenance and for many trouble free years of operation.
All of our Fire Hose Washers are manufactured in Canada.

Fire hose washer front view.